Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Trouble with Manually Merging Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

My laptop computer sits on the table beside the cable modem and router, while my desktop PC is in my room. Sometimes I surf with the laptop and accumulate bookmarks in the process. I do the same with my desktop. Naturally, I end up having bookmarks in my laptop that are not in my desktop and vice versa.

After I've realized that there was a huge disparity between bookmarks in both computers, I decided to export my laptop's bookmarks to an HTML file generated by Firefox, which I then imported using my desktop, which also has the Mozilla browser. OK, so, when I clicked on the Bookmarks drop-down menu, what did I get? Chaos.

What would I like to happen? Automatic merging of bookmarks so there won't be any doubling up and so the bookmarks are listed in an orderly fashion. I didn't know about Foxmarks when I tried to merge the two HTML bookmarks files.

I can simply send that HTML file containing my bookmarks via e-mail or move a copy of the file using a USB drive or through our LAN to another computer. Now it would be very, very practical to simply import the HTML bookmarks file, and then the browser does the merging for you. I don't recall such a problem with Internet Explorer. I may be wrong though.

Can someone from Mozilla solve this inability to neatly merge HTML bookmark files and make life easier for all of us? Or perhaps a plugin or add-on that I haven't heard of already exists out there?

Thanks in advance!