Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Online at Last!

It was a nightmarish experience not being able to go online for three days, which is the longest I've ever waited. First, you still have to pay for the full month, and three days of complete inaccessibility to the Internet results in your being shortchanged. Second, if you're waiting for important e-mails that you want to reply to as soon as possible, going to an Internet cafe makes it really impractical unless you're willing to pay for long hours of possible futile waiting. Third, if you make money online, you not only lose money from being deprived of the Internet but also lose money from the potential amount of money you could have raked in.

There could be a slew of other reasons depending on your situation, but in short, Internet access is really vital for certain people, and Internet service providers should always keep that reality in mind. I don't know why my service provider doesn't have some kind of backup or contingency plan to keep subscribers online 24/7.

Still, I have to credit my Internet service provider for bringing service back to normal. For under 1,000 pesos -- 999 to be exact -- I guess MyDestiny is still the best there is here in the metropolis. Great job, people.