Monday, October 6, 2008

Uncommon Sense Security

Everytime I look at my blog, I always end up telling myself how selfish I really am. Why? Because I post stuff mostly for myself. It's like having bookmarks that I can access anytime I'm connected to the Internet. It's like replaying thoughts that went through my head but had been mostly forgotten, which usually makes me wonder how I could've thought that way.

Anyway, back to the present. I've just spent some time reading the blog of someone who I perceive as an alcoholic beverage lover who also happens to be an IT professional -- an engineer, I would say -- or the other way around. Does Jack Daniels ring a bell?

I don't know why, but this love-hate relationship I have with anything and everything computers is really an on-and-off thing such that I had nearly forgotten what Nmap was. Just kidding.
Check out Jack's blog here:

Speaking of Nmap, here's an interesting GUI called Zenmap.