Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cisco 7200 Simulator

I signed up for an account at oDesk (, where a lot of outsourced work is advertised. A home-based provider (contractor) gets to deal with the service buyer directly and thus gets pretty much the full payment deserved, with a fair 10 percent of a contractor's earnings going to oDesk. You don't need to work for some local company that will take a huge slice of your paycheck by virtually doing nothing.

Anyway, one ad struck me; someone was in need of a technical writer who is either CCNA certified or in that level. Damn, if only I had started reading all my materials a long time ago, maybe I'd have a chance of sealing the deal. Anyway, I figured that it would be extremely helpful if I had an emulator so I could do some practice, so I went Googling and found this:

I haven't installed the Cisco 7200 simulator yet, but I intend to play around it soon. Hope this helps.