Friday, February 1, 2008

Entering the Letter Ñ

You want to know another way to enter the Spanish letter Ñ in Microsoft Word? I have Word 2003, but I guess it works in all versions.

I used to do an Alt-164 to enter ñ in Notepad and other applications since the early days of Microsoft's MS-DOS. Well, somehow I needed to enter it in upper case, but I forgot the code, which is actually Alt-165. Duh. I even tried a logical course of action by subtracting and adding 26 to the lower case code. Then I tried using Windows XP's Character Map, but I couldn't find the letter, which actually showed up in the Cataneo BT font set but looked italicized to me.

So, in Microsoft Word, you press Ctrl, Shift, and ~ together, then type in the letter N or n. For Notepad, you'd still have to use the old Alt trick.

That's it!