Sunday, January 20, 2008

Better Torrent Share Ratios

After leaving my computer online overnight to seed a number of BitTorrent downloads, I couldn't believe it. I was staring at my pathetic share ratio of 0.7-something through my Azureus client.

Of course I wanted to seed rather than leech. I don't want to cheat the system. It's only fair to give back what you took. So where's the problem?

In my humble opinion, there are files that more people are willing to seed than there are people who are willing to download. So what does it do? It gives you an unfavorable share ratio and it makes you want to leave your computer online forever.

If I could, I would, but considering the high cost of electricity here (which is about one-fourth of the average employee's take-home pay), I'd rather use ratio cheating software. I've found two such programs, but I'm not keen on trying them out, as I'm not really that desperate to up my share ratio. I can live without those downloads anyway. Besides, my sons would rather buy a DVD for 50 pesos than go through all the trouble.

Bram Cohen, inventor of the BitTorrent protocol, has a suggestion that may very well be the right way to calculate share ratios.